Referral Process


There is no one size fits all approach to working with people,

 nor do we expect that one therapist will suit all individuals. 

In our initial contact with you, 

we will discuss what you are hoping to achieve in coming to therapy, 

and see if our way of working suits you. 


Self Referral


Please phone or email to discuss your particular situation, and to make an appointment.


If you refer yourself, and have private health insurance, then you may be eligible for a health fund rebate. Your eligibility for a private health insurance rebate depends on your level of cover. Please consult your particular fund to enquire about your cover. Rebates must be claimed directly with your private health fund where applicable.


Please note that you cannot access a rebate from your health fund if you are claiming your sessions under a GP referred Mental Health Care Plan.


Mental Health Care Plan – accessing a Medicare rebate


In order to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), your medical practitioner will need to conduct an assessment to determine whether you met the criteria for a mental health condition.


For further information about the Medicare Benefits Scheme please see the Australian Psychological Society (APS) Fact Sheet. For a list of diagnosable disorders click on: ‘What mental health problems can be treated under the Better Access initiative’.


When you book an appointment with your medical practitioner, it is important to let the receptionist know you are coming for a Mental Health Care Plan, so a longer session can be scheduled.


If you are referred under an MHCP, then you will receive a rebate from Medicare for a proportion of the fee, for up to 10 sessions in a calendar year. An initial referral will be for 6 sessions, and then an assessment with the referrer is required to determine the possibility of up to another 4 sessions in the same calendar year.


We recommend that your medical practitioner address the referral to: “The Psychologist”.


Medicare states:


“The referral letter can be directed to the psychologist by name or may be addressed generically to ‘the psychologist’



At your initial appointment with your psychologist you will need to bring your referral letter from your medical practitioner.


We also request that you bring the Mental Health Care Plan in addition to your referral letter.


Without a referral letter from your GP,


a rebate cannot be obtained from Medicare.